The Vernon L. Greene Award for Faculty Excellence

Presented by Head of School Dr. Catherine J. Hall

The Vernon L. Greene Award For Faculty Excellence was established in 1982 by David Arnold of the Class of 1940 in honor of Vernon Greene who, for many years and many people, embodied faculty excellence. The award is presented annually to a member of this faculty who encourages and nurtures academic excellence within the school, whose pedagogy is distinguished and whose commitment to students is thorough.

I would like to call up this year’s recipient to join me as I share some of the many reasons why he has earned this award. The 2018 Vernon L. Greene Award for Faculty Excellence goes to:

Steve Toubman

Mr. Toubman epitomizes this award as an educator who has devoted his career to Noble and Greenough School. Deeply committed to his craft and his students, he brings a student-centered approach to his work every day. Exceedingly kind and patient with students, he has high expectations and motivates all students and athletes, wherever they are in their ability, to be their best selves. He has a unique ability to boil even the most complex concepts down for a struggling student, using his clear, consistent approach that makes his classroom incredibly accessible and joyful.

The consummate teacher-coach-advisor at Nobles, Mr. Toubman served as a full time teacher while leading our wrestling program with tremendous success for 37 years. He served as a role model for hundreds of teachers and coaches at Nobles and beyond. A few years ago, as he stepped down as head coach of the program, Athletic Director Alex Gallagher had this to say about Mr. Toubman: “Coach Toubman set out 37 years ago to positively impact the lives of student-athletes using the sport that he loved as a way to show them what it means to be organized, disciplined, hardworking, supportive, kind and loving… Mr. Toubman has been a life-changing figure who countless former wrestlers refer to as one of the most important people they have ever met in their lives.”

Since 1981, Noble and Greenough School has benefited from his talent, hard work, dedication, kindness, quirky humor, and optimism. He has demonstrated growth as a teacher and coach in ways that inspire his students and colleagues every day. It is a true privilege to present Mr. Toubman with the Vernon L. Greene Award for Faculty Excellence.