On August 26, at the annual faculty and staff opening meeting, Head of School Dr. Catherine Hall presented Emily Parker, 16-year director of Nobles Day Camp, with the 2019 Cora Hidalgo Holland award.

The award, given at the beginning of each school year, commemorates the kindness and warmth of Nobles parent Cora Hidalgo Holland by recognizing a Nobles staff member who contributes to the community through excellent work, character and dedication.

Hall described Parker as someone who leads by example. “Quietly, confidently, and kindly living out our Nobles mission, and a member of our school community for 16 years, she has brought her tremendous talent, enormous heart, and passion for her work to Nobles in ways that have made a deep and lasting impact on those who have the privilege to work with her, as well as on the campers and counselors who enthusiastically return each summer under her leadership.”

As a Nobles Day Camp parent, Chief Financial and Operating Officer Steve Ginsberg has experienced firsthand “the kindness, care, and compassion that sits at the center of [Parker’s] leadership.” He added, “She is a camp person to her core and values everything that is important about camp. She is also a tremendous manager and has a great sense for the business side of the camp. For many years, she has modeled the Nobles mission through Nobles Day Camp, including confidence building, the power of individual relationships and importance of real risk taking.”

In addition to Parker’s mentorship to countless counselors and day camp staff, she serves as a trusted ombudsman (alongside Provost Bill Bussey) to provide support to her colleagues.

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