On Patriots Day, April 15, nearly 200 students and dozens of graduates, parents and friends joined together on campus in support of the 2019 Marathon Endowment Fund, the second largest scholarship fund at Nobles. Students and supporters walked, ran, biked, erged and even bootcamped 2,040 miles and, like last year, each mile was matched by an anonymous donor. Thanks to these matching miles and additional gifts, over $86,000 has been raised this year for the fund.

“Whether you are on an erg, running the cross-country course, taking a spin class or sweating your tail off in a boot camp class you are making a contribution every minute that you are expending energy,” said Alex Gallagher ’90, director of athletics. “Increasing access and making Nobles more socio-economically diverse is a high priority for the school. Every mile logged makes us a better place both now and in the future.”

As the on-campus festivities concluded by late morning, many took to the Boston Marathon route to cheer on Abby Snyder ’07 and Cat Kershaw, a member of the Nobles admission team. Both ran the race this year in support of the Marathon Endowment Fund. Congratulations and thank you, Abby and Cat!

The Marathon Endowment Fund was established over thirty years ago by Bill Bliss ’48, P’79,’80 and Elise “Butch” Wallace H’03, P’77,’78. It has helped make a Nobles education more accessible by serving the financial aid needs of more than 50 students during this time. Currently, the fund supports ten Nobles students.

To learn more about the Marathon Endowment Fund and how you can get involved, please contact Kate Treitman Brown ’99, director of graduate affairs, or make a gift to the scholarship fund.

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