Everyone has a favorite spot (or two) on campus. Whether it's a quiet nook in the Putnam library, with friends and teachers in the Alcoves of the Shattuck Schoolhouse or down by the Charles River at the Saltonstall and Lincoln Boathouse, there's a place for everyone at Nobles. Over the years, as the school has expanded and updated its facilities, it has taken great care to preserve the charm and history of campus. Graduates walk through the main entrance, both amazed at the new Arts Center and nostalgic for the familiar floorboard creaks along Baker Street.

The same is true for the newest construction project—the Castle. Architects are going to great lengths in order to make sure that the new addition captures the look, feel and spirit of Nobles' iconic building. Many elements and pieces, like several intricately designed fireplaces, will be restored and recycled in various areas of the renovated Castle.

Check out the Castle's transformation in real time. Visit the "Castle Construction Cam" on the Graduates' webpage.

Have you spent time on campus? Tell us about your favorite space. Visit the Noble and Greenough Facebook page, and leave us a comment describing where—and why—your favorite spot on campus stands out.

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