On Thursday, September 11, the Foster Gallery hosted an opening of interdisciplinary artist Georgie Friedman’s “Into the Wind.” Through the creation of multimedia experiences, Friedman seeks to “reframe natural phenomena in ways that create new physical and psychological spaces for viewers to contemplate personal and cultural relationships to the elements.”
The exhibit includes Friedman’s “Flight Series,” made up of grids of photographs from high-altitude balloon flights. Central to the installation was “Hovering Hurricane: Sandy 2012,” a polycarbonate kinetic and video sculpture with a rotation diameter of 10 feet, based on the cloud patterns of Hurricane Sandy. 
“I am fascinated by the power of these natural elements in relationship to human fragility and the evidence showing that our environmental and land use choices have impacted climate, atmospheric and tidal changes,” explained Friedman.
The exhibit is open to the public through September 30, 2014.

The Foster Gallery at Noble and Greenough School showcases the work of emerging and established regional artists, providing a forum within the community for viewing, discussing and reflecting upon art. 

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