The final assembly under the Tent of Miracles was particularly special, as class VI put on their annual holiday performance of The Story of Hanukkah and “A Christmas Carol,” closing the curtain on the tent stage with an excellent show.

“Despite frigid temperatures and the acoustic challenges of performing in a giant tent,” said middle school English teacher Thomas Forteith, “I was so proud of every member of Class VI. They worked hard, performed with confidence, and carried on a long-standing tradition. Indeed, I imagine that many members of the older classes were quickly whisked back to their sixie year!”

Forteith also remarked, “the sixies had the opportunity to become part of the larger community in a very real and meaningful way,” and noted that “the clarity of their storytelling was exceptional.” 

“Imagine,” said Forteith, “the courage it takes to be a twelve-year-old speaking in front of seven hundred people!”

During the performances, a slideshow of original artwork by class VI was displayed on the projection screen for the whole school to view while they performed. Congratulations to all of class VI for their hard work and for their bravery, and thank you to all faculty who worked so hard to make this performance possible. We will all miss the tent, but class VI gave it an excellent sendoff.

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