On Wednesday, September 29, School Life Council reps and club leaders arrived on the scene early with balloons, brightly colored signs, and boxes of donuts for the much-anticipated annual clubs and organizations fair.

Some of the groups represented ranged from Environmental Action Club to Nice People’s Campaign, Model UN/Debate, Anti-Racism Coalition, Bio Club and Physics Club, Coding Club, Drawing Club, CalliopĂ© (creative magazine), Jewish Culture Club, Campuses Against Cancer, Music Club, Around the Horn, and countless more. The Body Positive invited table tourists to post some self-love on a public corkboard with one thing they like about themselves. Chess and Weiqi got intense. Photo Club took instant Polaroids of new email subscribers.

One thing was clear: there is something for everyone at Nobles, from pursuing existing passions and spending time with familiar faces, to boundless new experiences, friendships and interests to explore.

Provost Bill Bussey praised club leaders, SLC reps, and fair participants this morning in assembly, adding a special shout-out to the herculean efforts of logistics queen Rachel Janfaza ’22. Now comes the hard part: choosing which clubs to join!

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