In long assembly on Wednesday, February 3, music faculty member Paul Lieberman brought a band of his professional musician friends to take Lawrence Auditorium on a journey through jazz. Lieberman introduced jazz in its broadest sense: that of music with African-American roots. Starting in the '60s with choral music director James Mayo singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect", the band moved through the decades of soul, blues, pop and funk. Progressing from the The Staples Singers to Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire to Mary J. Blige, Christoper Desanges '16 joined the band in the late '80s to sing Bobby Brown's "Don't be Cruel". Following up with Santana and Pharrell, the band closed with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk", only to be beckoned by a singing and dancing student body into an encore performance, which venue manager Bill Bussey gladly allowed.

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