On Wednesday, December 18, the Young Graduates Committee welcomed our youngest graduates from the classes of 2015 to 2019 back to campus during their college winter breaks for a career networking panel. Ryan Ederle ’08 moderated the panel which included Ellis Tonissi ’11, Caroline Giandomenico ’11, Scott Desantis ’11, Anne Benjamin ’05 and Maya Getter ’13. The panelists were varied in their industries and career paths, yet they all touched upon a number of common themes. They reiterated the importance of using the Nobles network to help identify job opportunities and get advice throughout one’s career. Also, they discussed how critical follow through and perseverance are after professional meetings, and how it is all right not to know exactly what career you want while still in college (or long after!). The panel answered questions about how to continue to develop professionally once you have landed your first real job and how to use Linked In as an ongoing professional development and networking tool.

After the panel discussion, graduates stayed for a pasta dinner in the Castle with a number of current faculty members. Everyone enjoyed the FLIK cuisine and conversation.

All graduates have access to our directory and networking platform which can be accessed at www.noblesgraduates.com.

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