On November 5, 2016, over 1,100 graduates, parents and friends of Nobles gathered in the Bliss Omni Flood Rink for Nobles Night to celebrate the sesquicentennial history of the school and the 17 year headship of Robert P. Henderson Jr. 76. President of the Board of Trustees Beth Reilly '87 gave the keynote address and introduced a video tribute to Henderson.

The video begins with a satirical history of how Bob has been doing every job on campus since he founded the school 150 years ago, but then transitions to a series of heartfelt accounts from Nobles faculty and staff members of how he has been positively impacting the school over the past 17 years. Following the video and Reilly's remarks, Henderson reminded the crowd that he still has eight months on the job by quoting Monty Python: "But I'm not dead yet."
Watch the video here.

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