Chemistry and Cuisine

Chemistry and Cuisine

In its second year as a science elective, Chemistry and Cuisine reveals the scientific principles at work behind everyday food preparation. This Nobleman video story gives a glimpse into the curriculum—and the kitchen.

What's in a Paper?

What's in a Paper?

In the second semester of U.S. History, students in Class III hone in on their research skills and take a deeper look into a range of topics including the impact of security threats on major national and international events; the United States’ role as a global peacekeeper in Vietnam and Iraqi wars; and the effects of the current Great Recession. Learn more about the major assignment in a Q&A with history faculty member Oris Bryant. 

Going Global

Going Global

In March, students, faculty and staff embarked on seven experiential learning and service trips throughout the world. A total of 111 students and 25 faculty and staff members traveled to Guatemala, Honduras, India, New Orleans, Paris, Romania and South Africa.

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Do Different

Do Different

Promote beauty products using a cadre of amateur enthusiasts? Sell athletic shoes by creating a community of artists? Monitor a patient’s level of insulin with a cutting-edge microdevice? Yes, yes and yes. When it comes to innovation, the game has changed—and these three graduates are playing to win.

Read All About It!

Read All About It!

In the April issue of the Parent's E-Newsletter, Head of Middle School John Gifford writes in tribute to former headmaster Mr. Gleason. Head of Upper School Ben Snyder writes about the experiences Nobles students faced during their trip to India.

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Tools of the Trade
Guess where these supplies can be found?

Row, Row, Row
#Nobles #crew getting #readyforspring. Image by Caroline Putnam for the #nobleman.

Good luck to all the runners out there today, especially the 5 running for the #noblesmarathon http://t.co/QPIcDjybdI

Assembly Surprise

AUN-J Classic Orchestra

Three musicians from AUN-J Classic Orchestra of Japan presented an invigorating performance composed of classic Japanese instruments in assembly. They also conducted workshops with Japanese I students. The group recently performed at a Boston Red Sox game and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.

Noble and Greenough
Good luck to Nobles marathon runners: Justin Jimenez ’14, Director of Buildings and Grounds Mike McHugh, faculty member David Medina ’05, Jack Radley ’14 and trustee Nicole Stata ’87. And thank you to over 80 students, faculty and parents who will be participating in Nobles marathon fundraising events on campus on Monday.

A Triumphant Season

Congratulations to the chess team who are the South Shore Interscholastic Chess League (SSICL) champions this season. The team was undefeated, 8-0, and also came in 42-1-1 after playing 44 individual games over the course of eight interscholastic matches. Seven students participated at the varsity level including Max Sheerin ’17, Iain Sheerin ’17, Loring Lauretti ’17, Armen Festekjian ’15, William Wang ’16, Sam Davitt ’15 and Paulie Apostolicas ’18. 

The Right Size
Enjoy this whimsical take on why Nobles classes are not too big, not too (too) small -- but just right.

Beautiful wooden stairs in the original part of the #Nobles #Castle. Image by Katherine Cavanagh for the #nobleman.

Also shoutout to nobles crew for apprehending me on a run. Sorry you had to yell my name first. @NoblesAthletics />Retweeted by Nobles Grads @NoblesGrads

Huge turnout on campus for the Marathon Fund. #noblesmarathon http://t.co/jYtlLTTbWk

BV Tennis with a great 11-4 win over Brooks today #BigDawgsGottaEat

Boats 2-5 come in 1st place for GCrew and 1st boat comes in a close 2nd. Awesome day! #BigDawgsGottaEat

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd boats for BV Crew all with great 2nd place finishes today #BigDawgsGottaEat

VBaseball stays hot with a big win over @BrooksSchool on the road #BigDawgsGottaEat

GV Tennis stays unbeaten in the ISL with a 14-1 win over @BrooksSchool #BigDawgsGottaEat

GV Lax with a solid win over ISL foe @BrooksSchool #BigDawgsGottaEat

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