Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Edgar De Leon ’04
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
English faculty

Aneesa Sen
Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
History Faculty

Efe Osifo
Middle School DEI Program Coordinator
Math faculty

Mariah Oates
DEI Office Coordinator

Cassie Velázquez
Senior Director of Admission
DEI admission liaison

Mark Spence
Dean of Student Engagement
DEI leadership team

Heather O’Neill
Director of Academic Support
DEI leadership team

Talya Sokoll
Co-Director of Putnam Library
DEI team member

DEI student advisory board:
10–12 Class I and II students
The goal and task of this department is to work with faculty, staff and students in thinking about ways to build a community of belonging, respect, recognition, value and confidence. We hope all members are willing to learn, value the differences that exist in our community, and understand themselves so they know how to participate in the world around them in order to make effective change. We look to our mission statement—”leadership for the public good—and Nobles’ community principles, “respect for self, respect for others, and honesty,” to guide our work and care for this purpose. The DEI board meets monthly.

SEED Leaders

David Roane
Visual Arts faculty

Oris Bryant
History faculty