Varsity Alpine Skiing

Girls Overall Record: 30-0 (ISL Champions, 19th Championship in the last 20 years)

Boys Overall Record: 39-1 (ISL Champions)

Girls NEPSAC Class A Championships: 2nd place

Boys NEPSAC Class A Championships: 6th place

All-League: Ellie Batchelder ’24, Tessie Batchelder ’25, Caitlin FitzMaurice ’22, Meghan Hoffman ’22, Carter Bartel ’23, Will Fine ’23, Owen Myers ’23 and Zach Myers ’23

All-League Honorable Mention: Ava Kocher ’23 and Emma Sawatzky ’25

All-New England: Ellie Batchelder ’24, Tessie Batchelder ’25, Caitlin FitzMaurice ’22, Meghan Hoffman ’22, Ava Kocher ’23, Kaitlyn Willett ’23, Owen Myers ’23 and Zach Meyers ’23

Awards: James H. Bride Ski Bowl (for enthusiasm, spirit and sportsmanship): Caitlin Fitzmaurice ’22 and Carter Bartel ’23. Coaches’ Award (for selfless attitude and consistent effort): Julia Reilly ’22, Meghan Hoffman ’22 and Will Fine ’23

’22-’23 Captains: Ava Kocher, Kaitlyn Willett, Carter Bartel and Owen Myers, all ’23

Girls Varsity Basketball

Overall Record: 19-7

ISL Record: 9-3 (3rd place)

All-League: Kayla Lezama ’22, Christina Pham ’25

All-League Honorable Mention: Tori Balser ’24, Chayil Mauristhene ’23 and Nasi Simmons ’24

All-New England: Kayla Lezama ’22, Christina Pham ’25

Awards: Seadale Bowl (given by the Seadale family for overall contribution to the basketball program): Kayla Lezama ’22. Richard Nickerson Award (in honor of the long-time coach, awarded to a non-senior for courage and determination): Christina Pham ’25

’22-’23 Captains: Tori Basler ’24, Chayil Mauristhene ’23, Hailee McSweeney ’23, and Nasi Simmons ’24

Boys Varsity Basketball

Overall Record: 10-13

ISL Record: 7-8 (9th in ISL)

All-League: Marc Garraud ’23

All-League Honorable Mention: Channing Bryant ’22

Awards: Clarke Bowl (for contribution to team spirit): Natrel Allen ’22. 1983-’84 Basketball Award (for the player who best exemplifies the spirit, dedication, determination, attitude and improvement of the 1983-’84 team): Sam Rudikoff ’24

Girls Varsity Hockey

Overall Record: 26-1-3

ISL Record: 12-0-0 (ISL Champions)

NEPSAC Tournament Runners Up

All-League: Cali Cerruti ’23, Ellie Mabardy ’23, Clare O’Connor ’23, Emmy O’Leary ’22, and Anya Zupkofska ’24

All-League Honorable Mention: Grace Fiorella and Julia Simon, both ’22

All-NEPSAC: Ellie Mabardy ’23 and Emmy O’Leary ’22

Boston Bruins John Carlton Award: Emmy O’Leary ’22

Awards: Anne Dudley Newell Hockey Cup (for dedication and excellence): Sophie Ensley,  Kate Ham, Kaley MacDonald, Emmy O’Leary, all ’22

Boys Varsity Hockey

Overall Record: 15-9-2

ISL Record: 6-6-2 (3rd in ISL)

NEPSAC Stuart/Corkery Tournament: Semifinalists

All-League: Johnny Logan, Aidan Lyons, Ben MacDonald, Roman Tacelli

All-League Honorable Mention: Drew Haxton ’22, Colin Norton ’22, Austin Tasca ’23, Brian Grant ’23

All-NEPSAC: Ben MacDonald ’23

Flood Marr MVP: Thatcher Bernstein ’25

Awards: Terry Flaman Award (for the JV player who demonstrates spirit, enthusiasm and love of hockey as exemplified by Terry Flaman): Andrew Higgins ’24. 1974 Award (for improvement in hockey): Colin Norton ’22 and Austin Tasca ’23. Sziklas Hockey Trophy (for contribution to the team): Ben Clarke ’22

Girls Varsity Squash

Overall Record: 12-2

ISL Record: 7-1 (2nd place)

ISL Team Sportsmanship Award

All-League: Charlotte Bell ’22, Alexie Tan ’26, Mia Kim ’24

All-League Honorable Mention:  Sophiette Hong ’23 and Abigail Roberts ’22

All-NEPSAC: Charlotte Bell ’22

Award: Cutler Cup (awarded to the member of the team who has shown the greatest devotion to the sport): Charlotte Bell ’22

’22-’23 Captains: Sophiette Hong and Avery Monahan, both ’23

Boys Varsity Squash

Overall Record: 9-6

ISL Record: 6-3 (4th place)

All-League: Hudson Poirier ’24

All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Hudson Poirier ’24

Award: Cutler Cup (awarded to the member of the team who has shown the greatest devotion to the sport): John Ryan and Sam Millay, both ’22

Varsity Wrestling

Overall Record: 12-6

ISL Record: 6-2, 2nd place team at Graves-Kelsey Tournament

Awards: Warren E. Storer Award (for hard work and improvement): Nannette Chatman ’22. Wilbur F. Storer Award (for the most outstanding wrestler): Peyton Rose ’22. Steve Toubman Award (for sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to wrestling, exemplified by Coach Toubman’s coaching career): Max Hall and Rohan Meier both ’22

’22-’23 Captains: Aidin Bina ’24, Matthew Loose ’24 and Charles Wang ’23

Graves-Kelsey ISL Tournament Place Finishers

Weight Class (lbs.)NamePlaceRecognitionOther Awards
106Altan Marvi '253rdAll-ISL Honorable MentionMost Pins in the Least Amount of Time
106Nannette Chatman '225th
113Diego Shumway '253rdAll-ISL Honorable Mention
113Ben Myers '256th
126Matthew Loose '242ndAll-ISL
138Ethan Anderson '224th
145Aidin Bina '244th
152Colin Anderson '245th
160Colby Bloch '245th
182Max Hall '222ndAll-ISL
195Alastair Rose '245th
220Peyton Rose '221stAll-ISLMost Outstanding Wrestler Of the Tournament

NEPSAC Tournament Place Finishers

Weight Class (lbs.)NamePlace
Boys Division
106Altan Marvi '258th
120Matthew Loose '243rdAll-NEPSAC Honorable Mention
126Rohan Meier '224thAll-NEPSAC Honorable Mention
145Aidin Bina '244thAll-NEPSAC Honorable Mention
182Max Hall '224thAll-NEPSAC Honorable Mention
220Peyton Rose '222ndAll-NEPSAC
Girls Division
100Nannette Chatman '221stAll-NEPSAC
165Aileen Feliz '222ndAll-NEPSAC

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