In February, Nicole Stata ’87 spoke to the seniors in Steve Ginsberg and Alex Gallagher’s entrepreneurship class. Stata is the founder and General Partner of Boston SEED Capital, a small venture capital firm that invests in innovative tech companies. She started class by sharing her passions, including playing basketball for math faculty member and coach Nick Nickerson, who was sitting in the back of the class.

Stata talked about a Mr. Baker philosophy exam, Tom Brady as a superstar and her upcoming plans to go heliskiing in what she described as a “bucket-list year.” She had a lively conversation with the students about investing in high-risk companies with a promise of high returns, and the different stages of venture capital. Students, interested in how she knew in which companies to invest, wanted to know, “is it your gut?”

Stata responded, “The number one thing we do is pick teams and pick CEOs—that’s the business we’re in.” She also emphasized the importance of founders with “superpowers,” and having confidence in people. The biggest trends she forecasted are data-centric, and include companies revolutionizing real estate, property technology, medical technology and cryptocurrency.

Stata advised students, “Be curious about solving a problem. Take that and tinker with it. Remember: really great people want to work with really great people.” It was a pleasure to host this Nobles graduate and lifelong entrepreneur, so she could share with students the importance of pursuing passions and cultivating creativity.

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