Director of Music Michael Turner tells us, “The Greensleeves began working on this arrangement of Alicia Keys’ beautiful ‘Underdog’ in February and had rehearsed it only a few times before we learned on March 11 that we would not be rehearsing together for some time (and ultimately learning that we would not return during this school year). When the group met virtually for the first time after spring break, the singers enthusiastically agreed to finish learning the song and produce the video. They mastered the rest of the vocal parts and each sent me two complete audio recordings, which I then imported and mixed using Logic software. When the 36-track audio was completed to everyone’s satisfaction, they produced the personal video tracks, which were then sent to Ben Heider along with the complete audio track. His artistic vision was sheer, simple genius: highlighting each lead section in color, with the background vocals in grayscale.”

We hope you enjoy!

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