On Tuesday, April 21, climate change scientist Ellen Mecray ’86 joined Nobles virtual assembly as we celebrated Earth Day #50. Ellen shared what she does at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), emphasized the importance of science, and answered questions from Nobles students about climate change. She also talked about how we can all act to address climate change, and referenced the impact of climate change and Covid-19 on already vulnerable populations. “This is a J.E.T.I. issue: Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion,” Mecray explained, also seeing opportunity for the Nobles mission of leadership for the public good to be carried out in the world.

Mecray is NOAA’s Regional Climate Services Director for the Eastern US, and she leads NOAA’s engagement at the state and local level in the 16 states from Maine to South Carolina. Her work involves prioritizing and tracking climate information needs across key sectors including health, transportation, coastal zone management, marine fisheries, energy, and natural resources management. She also serves as the NOAA point of contact for climate-related inquiries from other federal partners, the media, private industry, state agencies and academic partners. She explains, “The work I do with regional, national and international groups coordinates the translation and delivery of climate information to key decision-makers.”

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