First day

The first week back on campus, we caught up with faculty members and asked them two questions:

(1) What's your favorite thing about the first week of the new school year? (2) Do you have any back-to-school rituals? Check out what they had to say.

Linda Hurley, Community Service:
(1) I love seeing the FLIK staff and having the incredible lunch choices.
(2) Forcing myself to get up a little earlier to spend some time with my dog.

Tilesy Harrington, Mathematics:
(1) I am giddy with excitement on the first day of school!  Seriously, after too much down time, I just want to do math with kids!  My goal on the first day is to communicate to my students just how much fun I think the study of math can be (they might leave the room thinking I'm a little nutty, but that's okay).  Nothing too exciting, but it sets the stage for a balance between fun and serious work to come.
(2) Put my schedule somewhere the kids can find it so they know when I'm free in case they need extra help.  Yup – starting on Day 1 they are invited to come see me (go over any questions, do some math, or just chat). 

Violet Richard, Spanish:
(1) Reconnecting with my colleagues and students.  Seeing everyone refreshed and excited to start the new school year.
(2) Play "2 truths and 1 lie" to get to know my students and have them learn a bit about each other.

Deb Harrison, Science:
(1) Community and classroom energy, being reminded that this is a school filled with kind kids.
(2) Getting organized, setting up  important routines to keep pace with a busy culture.

Jenny Carlson-Pietraszek, History:
(1) Being reminded of how much I missed Bill Bussey, his phenomenal story telling, and his belief in the GOOD in humanity. (Note: Bussey was away on sabbatical for 2013-2014, but kicked off the first assembly of 2014-2015.)
(2) Does feeling strangely exhausted despite no uptick in physical exercise count as ritual? The amount of stimulation in our community of 620ish adolescents and 120ish high powered adults is a bit overwhelming coming off a summer!

Bill Kehlenbeck, Math:
(1) The all-school assembly on the first day of classes.  I love seeing a jam-packed Lawrence Auditorium of new and returning students and faculty members, all eager and excited (and a bit nervous) about the new school year.
(2) Pinning on my nametag for the first time, and hoping that my students and colleagues will do the same, and continue to wear them long enough for me to learn (or re-learn!) their names.

Peter Raymond, English:
(1) Noise on the seniors' bus.
(2a) Bringing to the classroom, over the course of a few weeks, plants and posters.
(2b) Watching a summer's rest wiped out for students and faculty by two days of school. 


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