Nobles graduates gathered in downtown Boston on Wednesday, January 22 for an evening of conversation centered around the area’s robust healthcare industry. Grads represented a variety of sectors including clinical medicine, medical administration, biotech, research and development, wellness and integrated medicine, to name a few.

The evening’s panelists, Jill Branca Priselac ’97, the VP of R&D and business development at Novo Nordisk and Greg Lewis, MD ’90, the Medical Director of the Heart Failure & Transplant Program and the Director of the Cardiopulmonary Exercise Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, were joined by Jackie Codair Donovan ’07, who facilitated a fascinating discussion.

Topics ranged from accessibility and affordability of treatments, to women in the industry, to life extension versus quality of life. “There is a wealth of knowledge in this room,” commented one graduate, and many expressed a desire to continue the dialogue.

Nobles is thrilled to offer these networking events that bring together graduates from within a specific industry and hopes to organize similar events in the years to come. Graduates can connect with each other anytime by visiting

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