The Photo of the Day blog—along with several other Nobles blogs—recently celebrated its first birthday, earning impressive stats in its inaugural year. It's been viewed more than 42,500 times, in more than 60 countries!

Here are a few more blog facts:

  • The Archives blog's best month was last May, with 500 visitors checking out the posts.
  • The Community Service blog has posted 26 entries, which have been viewed more than 1,300 times.
  • The most read post on the Experts on Adolescence blog was "Since When Do Kids Rule the Roost?", written by Bill Bussey, with a link to an interesting New Yorker article on parenting.
  • Blog readers from 28 countries—including Oman, Singapore, Italy and Albania—have logged on to the Reflections blog.

We hope you have enjoyed the Nobles blog collection. If you have ideas for new posts, please let us know! Email Tiffany Tran at with ideas or submissions. And, be sure to check out all the blogs at

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