Visual arts faculty member Lisa Jacobson’s Class V animation project requires students to work together in a team and problem solve.

Students began working individually creating their own drawings with the assigned themes “travel” or “midnight.” As a group, students were challenged to find a visual connection among the drawings and create transitions from one picture to another—making certain items appear, disappear, fade or move. The transitions were also required to work backward and forward.

Through the three-week project, students learned to be meticulous, observant and patient while also being as creative as possible in using different techniques learned in previous classes.

“They need to take a big idea—how to get from [point] A to B—and figure out a plan in which the increments are equal and logical,” says Jacobson. “Most students plan ahead and outline the increments of the change. Then, throughout the process, they have to edit and tweak their drawings to make the transitions as smooth as possible.” 

See the animation videos below.

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