Artist Cheryl WarrickArtist Cheryl Warrick's exhibition "Many Windows" opened yesterday at the Foster Gallery and marks the beginning of the 2013-2014 gallery season.

Students, faculty and staff were in attendence viewing the artwork which comprised the exhibition.

Katie Graham 15  described how Warrick's artwork and use of mixed mediums "is interesting. She's very instinctive. She works on impulse."

When Warrick was approached to exhibit her art at the Foster Gallery, she said was happy to do so and thought that it was a great opportunity. In discussing her art for the exhibition, Warrick said, "my work is about the layers. It's about time and wisdom and how we know what we know. I'm using visual tools of how we think to see the visual connections through lots of colors and textures."

Warrick will be visiting Nobles' visual arts classes on Friday, Sept. 20. 


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