Efe Osifo, a 2001 graduate of Steppingstone, joined the Nobles faculty in 2017 after graduating from Boston Latin, Suffolk University and Boston University. At Nobles, he teaches middle school mathematics and is part of the diversity, equity and inclusion team. He also advises Brother 2 Brother, an affinity group for young men of color.

“Middle school students want to know the why of things. Some of that’s digging deeper—they want to know why the principles and theorems you’re presenting to them work the way they do. Some of it is justification—they want to know why what you’re teaching them is useful and important,” Osifo has said of his teaching experience. “And some of it’s exploring and testing limits—they want to know how they can use what they’re learning. For me, those are fun and important conversations.”

In his interview with Steppingstone, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, he said that he maintains a “relationship first” philosophy when it comes to teaching.  “‘I inherently believe that every kid wants to learn and do the right thing,’” he said.

For more on Osifo’s journey from Columbia Road in Dorchester in the 1990s to becoming a Steppingstone Scholar and, now, an incredible educator, see his story at their website, tsf.org.



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