Carlo Abelli ’16 and Alex Yu ’16 introduced a Nobles app, now available in the Apple Store. The duo developed the app using Xcode and Objective-C, programming languages new to them both.

“Alex didn’t know any code [before the project],” Abelli said. “I had worked only in Java. And I’d read a few books.” The also used PhotoShop to design graphical elements, they said.

The app is designed for Nobles students, making it easy to access everyday information such as personal schedules, calendar and athletic game info. Tessy Smith, who advises Computer Club and manages many of the school’s databases, helped Abelli and Yu access data and set up login info for each student.

What aspect of finishing the app is most exciting? “Just getting it done,” said Abelli of the year-long process. Smith added that getting the app approved by Apple, which can be challenging, was a great accomplishment.

The app has enjoyed popularity among students already. On its inaugural day, 275 students downloaded it. About a week later, that number had risen by 100.

“I think it’s amazing that they created such a sleek product using Xcode,” said Smith. “It’s amazing how fast it is, too.” She noted that they added interesting graphical details. “The point of the Easter Eggs was to get people to explore. Alex and Carlo  made the app kid-friendly and fun.”

What’s next on their development agenda? They plan to make the app available to faculty and refine a few features.

“We’re perfectionists,” said Yu.

See the app promo, originally shown at morning assembly, here:

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