Alex Slawsby ’96, director of innovation at EmbraerX, spoke in January to Steve Ginsberg’s entrepreneurship class. Slawsby, together with former Information Systems & Support (ISS) faculty member Steve Bergen, was one of the founders of NoblesNet and played a large role in the creation of the first computer lab on campus.

Slawsby discussed with seniors how technology evolves, and the landscape in which companies must adapt to customers’ needs or become obsolete. He spoke about the Apple Newton (an early PDA), Palm Pilot, and Blackberry and passed around examples of these early relics. Slawsby described his work in air mobility and flying cars, and how professional sports will need to change to keep up with fans’ demands regarding how to consume them.

Students wanted to know how companies can succeed with climates in such flux. Slawsby urged them to ask questions that would uncover the hidden “pain point” of the customer. “Never assume you know the answer before you truly understand the problem,” he said.

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