Janim Sayles AchieveThe Achieve team is excited to welcome and introduce their new Assistant Director, Janim Sayles.

Achieve is a tuition-free program housed on Nobles' campus that provides intensive academic support and social enrichment for low-income middle school students from Boston. 

Janim first encountered Achieve in her position as the High School Placement Manager at Edward Brooke Charter Schools. She explains, "I've been collaborating closely with [Achieve Director] Nora for two years regarding various students that we both had on our case loads. Our goals were one and the same, particularly around high school placement but also around supporting students and making sure they land in the best place possible for themselves."

Janim's initial impression of Achieve came through the opinions of her students. "Students are really honest and will tell it like it is. The thing that stood out to me is that I never heard a student say a single negative thing about Achieve, other than they wish they could have soda or tater tots every day," she says with a laugh. "Students in programs like Achieve are always much better prepared, far more articulate and oftentimes more hardworking than their counterparts."

Janim comes to Achieve with an impressive personal and professional history highlighting her efforts and passion to close the achievement gap for Boston's students. 

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