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Unsatisfactory Background Check Results/ Refusal to Cooperate

Unsatisfactory Background Check Results/ Refusal to Cooperate

In order for an individual’s background check results to be satisfactory to Noble and Greenough, the results must not include any adverse information pertaining to the individual’s interaction with children or other vulnerable populations, which in the reasonable discretion of the CFOO & Director of Human Resources indicates that the individual may pose a threat to Nobles students.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of criminal charges which may affect the terms of employment at Noble and Greenough, when considered in conjunction with the factors set forth in the subsequent paragraph below: (1) any offense that could endanger the health, safety or welfare of a child, including, but not limited to, offenses involving physical or sexual abuse, neglect, child endangerment, mishandling of children or other vulnerable populations, pedophilia or pornography; (2) assault; (3) homicide; (4) rape; (5) kidnapping; (6) drug or alcohol related crimes; (7) theft; (8) fraud or any offense related to dishonesty; (9) breaking and entering; and (10) driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (“DUI”).

In determining suitability and making any employment or service-related decision based on criminal background information obtained in a background investigation, the CFOO & Director of Human Resources shall consider whether the offense or other information upon which the decision is based places children who may be in direct and unmonitored contact with the individual at risk, and may also consider any of the following, in her discretion and without limitation: (1) the type of offense (e.g., felony or misdemeanor); (2) the nature of the offense (e.g., seriousness and specific circumstances); (3) whether the charge resulted in a conviction; (4) the sentence received; (5) whether the individual successfully completed probation, or participated in any form of rehabilitation; (6) the date age of the candidate at the time of the offense and the time since the conviction; (7) whether the individual has been arrested subsequently or has any pending charges; (8) the number of offenses; and (9) any other relevant information, including information submitted by the candidate or requested by Nobles.

Depending on the circumstances of each case, Nobles reserves the right and discretion to rescind employment offers, modify the terms of employment or terminate employment or any other service, whether paid or unpaid, based upon the unsatisfactory results of any background related check (e.g., CORI search, CHRI check, state specific background check, fingerprinting), or based upon the employee or employment applicant’s refusal to cooperate with Nobles background investigation process.