Class of 2024 Awards and Prizes

Class of 2024 Awards and Prizes

Awards and Prizes


Alumni Prize for Excellence in History
Colin Levine

Bradley D. Nash 1919 Medal for Executive Ability
Karina Cruz

Bramhall-Bridge Art Purchase Prize
Angelica Anousis
Shannon Day
Caitlin Driscoll
Tahira Jean Muhammad
Mia Kim
Liam McCarthy
Sophie Schelter

Class of ’98 Award (by the vote of the graduating class)
Michael Timmins

Computer Science Prize
Danny Gallagher

Dance Prize
Ashley Wang

Davis Cup for Sportsmanship
Charlie Hall
Charlotte Hayward

Edward L. Bond, Jr. ’58 Memorial Prize
Jissel Rodriguez Rios

Edward Stone Gleason Award for Academic Excellence
Hyewon Suh

Epes Sargent Dixwell Medal for Excellence in Latin
Alice Lin

Gerrit Smith Miller Medal
Delaney Benevides

G. Leighton Bridge Award for Excellence in Ceramics
Graham Ellis

Grandin Wise Award for Community Service
Pranav Govindarajan

Greenough Prize for Excellence in Mathematics
Alice Lin

Head of School Prize
Owen Fitzsimmons
Tahira Jean Muhammad

ISL Award of Excellence
Alan Rose
Macy Sweeny

James M. Ritvo ’64 Award
Asher Bernstein
Joshua Levine

Little Memorial Essay Awards
Creative Writing– Stephanie Pinkas
Literary Analysis– Sam Rudikoff

Michele E. Dufault ’07 Award
Zachary Green

Nathaniel C. Nash III ’69 Prize for Journalism
Joshua Levine

Nobles Shield for Most Respected Student-Athlete
Sophia Levering
Alastair Rose

Peter Kerns and William Warren ’77 Prize for Excellence in Technical Theatre
Hermione Arias Soto
Karina Cruz
Justice Hickman-Maynard

Public Speaking Award
Max Daniello
Jissel Rodriguez Rios

Reginald Davidson Music Prize
Kevin Huang
Maxwell Huang

Robert J. Agostini Award
Sam Li

Russell B. Stearns Achievement Award
Hermione Arias Soto
Wudiana Fevrier
Jissel Rodriguez Rios

Scudder Medal for Excellence in Fine Arts
Wudiana Fevrier

Sheldon Prize for Excellence in Science
Kate Wei

Shillito Cup for Excellence in Photography
Hunter Patterson

Sidney L. Eaton Prize for Excellence in Theatre
Zachary Green
Amelia Simons

Thomas S. Resor Coaching Excellence Award
Alden Mauck

Trustees’ Prize for Scholarship
Sam Rudikoff
Kate Wei

Vernon L. Greene Award for Faculty Excellence
Kate Blake

Volkmann Medal for Excellence in French
Shannon Day

Volkmann Medal for Excellence in Mandarin
Joshua Levine

Volkmann Medal for Excellence in Modern Language
Colin Levine

Volkmann Medal for Excellence in Spanish
Lauren Yoon

Wiswell Prize for Excellence in English
Colin Levine