Latest Past Events

QueerLit.2020: Queer Literature

Voices of Queer people, especially of those who come from multiple oppressed identities have often been silenced due to systemic homophobia, transphobia and racism. Despite this the LGBTQIAP+ has shown an amazing resiliency that is present in the rich canon of LGBTQIAP+ literature. Readings will cover both historical and contemporary writing by, about and for […]

UIAndWebDesign.2020: User Interface and Web Design/app design

Students will learn how to skillfully design and develop a meaningful website, as well as design and create a local app for their phone. In the first section of the course, students will begin by learning the proper structure and syntax for a website. They will build on these skills each day, culminating in all […]

LitWhiteWrkCls.2020: The Literature of the (White) Working Class

What does it mean to be white and working class in America? The white working-class are alternately hailed as the backbone of American society and sidelined as ignorant hoards. Are there any defining features of such a huge group or are they defined by what they are not? We will explore these ideas through several […]