SciFiRace.2020: Race, Gender, and Ability in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Speculative fiction is fascinating because writers can manipulate race, gender and ability in a myriad of ways while imagining a new future. In this class, we will explore the works of authors such as Octavia Butler, Nnedi Okorafor, and Tomi Adeyemi in order to explore ideas such as how do race gender and ability constructs […]

ScratchToPython.2020: Scratch to Python: Start Programming!

Young people around the world learn about computer programming through Scratch, a block-based coding platform developed by the MIT Media Lab in 2007. It is currently used in 150 countries and available in over 40 languages. The visual blocks are put together like puzzle pieces, making it easy to learn, while introducing basic programming concepts […]

Tolstoy.2020: Tolstoy’s War and Peace

A summer read through one of the great literary works of all time. Class time would involve discussion of the book and some exposure to Tolstoy as writer and man and to 19C Russian history and culture

SupremeCourt.2020: The Supreme Court and Modern American Society

This course serves as an elective to examine the vital role that the Supreme Court has played over the past 60 years, specifically in regards to civil rights, privacy rights, equality, citizenship, and religious freedom, and where they intersect with our changing politics. In its role as the final arbiter of what is and what […]

IronCurtain.2020: Life Behind the Iron Curtain

Communism was a geopolitical reality and an economic system, but it also drastically altered European societies and influenced the way individuals moved about in the world. Everything - from relationships to one's individual aspirations for the future, to artistic tastes to spirituality - was influenced by the implementation of communist principles in the economy and […]

SummerReading.2020: Summer Reading Intensive

Do you actually love reading? Are you looking for a group of like-minded readers? Do you want to branch out into new genres this summer? In this course, we'll dive into four short novels--a book each week--that cover a range of genres, styles, and themes. Students will be expected to read a lot each week […]

MemoirUS.2020: Memoir

Defined as a literary account of a life or event written from personal experience, memoirs are one of the most consistently compelling (and best-selling) genres on the market. They represent an attempt to create a shared memory with a reader. Think of it as the literary version of a strand of memory floating in Dumbledore’s, […]

PlayWriting.2020: Welcome to Playwriting

Have you ever wondered what it takes to write a play? Well, this course is for you as we will examine plot, language, character/character development, scene creation/movement and theme. The course will also examine several different kinds of plays as a basis for students to then write their own original work.

LitWhiteWrkCls.2020: The Literature of the (White) Working Class

What does it mean to be white and working class in America? The white working-class are alternately hailed as the backbone of American society and sidelined as ignorant hoards. Are there any defining features of such a huge group or are they defined by what they are not? We will explore these ideas through several […]

UIAndWebDesign.2020: User Interface and Web Design/app design

Students will learn how to skillfully design and develop a meaningful website, as well as design and create a local app for their phone. In the first section of the course, students will begin by learning the proper structure and syntax for a website. They will build on these skills each day, culminating in all […]

QueerLit.2020: Queer Literature

Voices of Queer people, especially of those who come from multiple oppressed identities have often been silenced due to systemic homophobia, transphobia and racism. Despite this the LGBTQIAP+ has shown an amazing resiliency that is present in the rich canon of LGBTQIAP+ literature. Readings will cover both historical and contemporary writing by, about and for […]

AlgWordProblems.2020: Applied Algebra Word Problems and Projects

Prerequisite: Algebra IIDescription: The goal of this course is to put algebraic skills to use in applied word problems and projects. All of our activities will be using math skills students learn in algebra II and applying them to solve new and fun problems. Students will be encouraged to collaborate and discuss different ideas for […]